The LiveSR is based on optically demodulated structured illumination technique with online processing.

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The LiveSR can only be used in combination with a spinning disk confocal unit. Pairing the LiveSR with the Crest X-Light V2 gives the user super-resolution images at fast acquisition rates with low photo-toxicity, all at an affordable price. This is a great solution for live-cell imaging. Because of the nature of the light modulation, no line or pattern artifact is created. Motorized by-pass mode between widefield, confocal, and super-resolution acquisition modes makes it a versatile upgrade for existing fluorescence microscopes.

Field of View
18mm diagonal
Acquisition modes
Widefield, Confocal, Super-Resolution
Software support
Metamorph, VisiView
  • No specific fluorophors required
  • Can be added to any existing microscope
  • LiveSR does not restrict acquisition speeds
  • Motorized Bypass mode
  • Real-time Super-Resolution mode for focusing
  • Simple software interface
  • Super-Resolution
  • Neuroscience
  • Intracellular Dynamics
  • Co-localization
  • FRET

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