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Multimode Laser


89 North's flagship LDI has the power and wavelengths you need. The only multi-mode launch to offer 488nm, 555nm or 577nm in a high-power laser launch. More options than any other multi-mode launch on the market and offered as a cost-effective solution.
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Confocal Microscopy

The Crest X-Light V3 uses a microlens array to get an extraordinarily even illumination. The unit cuts background noise to a minimum and when combined with the LDI gives you all the power you need.
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and Photoablation

The Rapp Optoelectronic systems offer multiple ways to manipulate your cells with light, from simple uncaging to photo-bleaching and photoablation. See what you can do with light.
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Cairn Research makes the only commercial TIRF system using multi-mode lasers. It offers joy-stick control of the laser position in the back-focal plane via a graphic display.


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