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With 89 North’s diverse product lines, we can supply all the single component, modules, and integrated systems to meet your research needs. From the very simple to the very complex, we’ve got you covered.


The science doesn’t stop when the image is acquired. Our expertise will help forge the connection you need between the instruments performing the experiments and the computational methods you need to take your research to the max.


Whether it’s high quality widefield, high speed confocal, or more advanced techniques such as TIRF or light sheet, 89 North is ready to support your system. Our knowledgeable team can guide you to the right instrument to meet your research needs at an affordable cost.

Physiology Applications

Review our product line, below, for Physiology applications:
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Cellular Biology

From the the study of cell metabolism and cell communication to cell cycle and cell composition, 89 North's knowledgeable team and diverse product lines can help you find the right products to meet your research needs.
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Whether studying the brain, spinal cord, or nerve cells throughout the body you can benefit from today's advanced imaging techniques - 89 North has many products to improve your research.
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Live Cell Imaging

Spinning disk confocal with the CrestOptics X-Light and the 89 North LDI minimize phototoxicity and photobleaching. Ideal for imaging cells over their complete life cycle or looking at sub-cellular interactions. Image longer - see more!
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Light sources from 89 North provide ideal illumination for fluorescence imaging. Combined with filters from Chroma, we can help you design an ideal system for any antibodies or other fluorescent markers.
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Combining genetics and optics to achieve gain- or loss-of function of well-defined events within specific live tissues cells, even within freely-moving animals.


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