Effortless integrated confocal system packages

The suite of four Spinning Disk Confocal Packages features an LDI light engine from 89 North, matched filters from Chroma Technology and CrestOptics’ CICERO confocal unit. Each package meticulously crafted for effortless integration into diverse imaging setups, promptly transforming them into reliable and user-friendly confocal systems.

Select from the array of available LDI laser lines, and you’ll find all the essential components required to establish a comprehensive spinning confocal imaging system that seamlessly interfaces with your camera and microscope.

Key Features

  • Compact spinning disk confocal unit
  • Manual bypass mode (widefield)
  • Single disk with 50um pinholes
  • 5-position emission filter wheel
  • LDI – Laser Diode Illuminator with matching Chroma filter set
  • Optical fibers & connectors with fiber bend box
  • C-mount adapters to microscope and camera
  • Field lens (matched to microscope)

Key Applications

Life sciences, metrology, and material sciences are among the disciplines that increasingly rely on high-speed, high-contrast, high-resolution imaging. Almost all research benefits from 3D confocal images on a daily basis.

  • High Content Screening
  • Digital Pathology
  • Spatial Biology
  • Material Science

Our Light Engines Are Used Inside the Nation's Most Advanced Labs

Here are just a few of the prestigious institutions we service:


89 North Lasers (nm)405 / 470 / 640405 / 470 / 555 / 640405 / 470 / 555 / 640 / 730405 / 488 / 555 / 640 / 730
Chroma FiltersTriple bandpass excitation & dichroic setQuad bandpass excitation & dichroic setPenta bandpass excitation & dichroic setPenta bandpass excitation & dichroic set
1 triple bandpass & 3 single band emission filters.
Single bands: ET440/40m, ET510/50m, ET700/75m
1 quad bandpass & 4 single band emission filters. Single bands: ET440/40m, ET510/50m, ET600/50m, ET700/75m1 penta bandpass & 5 single band emission filters. Single bands: ET440/40m, ET510/50m, ET600/50m, ET700/75m, ET811/80m1 penta bandpass & 5 single band emission filters.
Single bands: ET440/40m, ET525/50m, ET600/50m, ET700/75m, ET811/80m
FOVup to 22mm
Bypass ModeYes (Manual)
Spectral RangeExcitation: 390-750nm ; Emission: 430-850nm
CameraC-mount camera
ResolutionLateral Resolution (FWHM): ~230nm (100x NA 1.45)
Axial Resolution (FWHM): ~600nm (100x NA 1.45)
Temporal: 100 fps, full frame (camera limited)
SoftwareμManager, VisiView®, Volocity, CellSens, SDK available for integration, TTL control and serial conversion available
ConfigurationInverted or Upright Microscope

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions we receive. Not seeing what you are looking for? >> Ask our engineers

The key factors to consider are: wavelength, power, delivery, repeatability, and cost. 89 North can deliver on all factors.

There are many differences but the four most important are:

  1. Small fiber size. The LDI is available in 100um, 400um, or larger fibers.

  2. Linearity. The LDI is an extremely useful light source for quantitative imagine, with linearity tracked internally from 1% to 100%.

  3. Specificity. The wavelengths of light from the LDI are not broad in spectrum line an LED. They are highly specific, which is critical for fluorescent illumination.

  4. Stability. The LDI is a very stable light source, which enables both accuracy any precision of light measurements.

Virtually none. The LDI ships fully aligned, and requires no regular alignment or cleaning.

Multi-mode lasers are the most economical lasers you can buy, on a photon/dollar basis. 89 North improves on this value further by providing light sources that are also quantitative and reliable. Pricing for varying models depending on their individual configuration. Click here to contact us to receive a quote.

Many factors, like wavelength, stability, and maintenance are critical issues that are often overlooked. Don’t just pay attention to cost, as all lasers are not the same.

Absolutely! The LDI is extremely stable, and linear from 1% to 100%.

The LDI is about the size of a small desktop computer. The dimensions are 12.5” x 9.2” x 5.75”, 318mm x 234mm x 146mm. You can find more specifications in the table at the top of the page.

The single most important thing to remember when setting up any laser light source is safety. Always review all documentation carefully, and consult your institution’s laser safety officer with any questions.

Our Light Engines Are Peer Reviewed in Scientific Publications

We have over 240 citations in the world’s most prestigious scientific publications.