Product Categories

  • Illumination Systems

    Light sources from 89 North and Cairn Research for your scientific imaging needs. User-friendly, modular and affordable systems for applications ranging from widefield and confocal fluorescence to brightfield and transmitted light imaging, plus optical wavelength scanning and photolysis. View Products

  • Emission Systems

    Cairn Research image splitters allow you to simultaneously record multiple fluorescence channels, polarization states or focal planes without significant light loss. Easy to configure, adjust and optimize. View Products

  • Advanced Imaging Systems

    89 North offers a range of advanced imaging systems including the X-Light V2 spinning disk confocal microscope, the OptoTIRF single-line TIRF illuminator and the L-Spi, macro light-sheet system View Products

  • OEM Engineering + Manufacturing

    Experience the advantage of working with a small and dedicated group of award-winning engineers to develop and manufacture your solution. With broad industrial and scientific experience, our team will be your partner in defining your requirements and making the product a reality. Learn More