Cellular biology


Light sources from 89 North provide ideal illumination for fluorescence imaging. Combined with filters from Chroma, we can help you design an ideal system for any antibodies or other fluorescent markers.


Spinning disk confocal systems using the Crest X-Light and 89 North LDI are designed to minimize phototoxicity and photobleaching. This makes them ideal for imaging cells over their complete life cycle, or for studying sub-cellular interactions.


The high power lasers in 89 North’s LDI are ideal for high speed imaging. With appropriate high speed cameras, it’s possible to capture cellular events and sub-celluar interactions that occur in less than a millisecond.

Cellular Biology Applications

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You can't study replication if your cells are damaged. Spinning disk confocal and light sheet systems from 89 North have extremely low photoxicity, so you can you image from interphase to cytokinesis, and everything in between.
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DNA damage

and repair

You need targeted UV light to study the effects of DNA damage and cellular repair. Rapp's Firefly and Geo systems, combined with 89 North's LDI, can help you develop novel experiments.
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Signaling and

protein synthesis

Imaging many proteins at once can be challenging. The LDI 7 is an ideal source to illuminate multiple fluorescent markers in a single experiment. With the Cairn OptoSplit and MultiCam you can capture multiple colors simultaneously.
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Studying motility is hard if your cells move too far. 89 North's systems support 22, 25, or even 32mm cameras. Let us help you build a large field of view system so you'll never lose track of cells again.
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Sub-cellular and

molecular biology

Study into subcellular biology pushes the limits of light microscopy. Super resolution techniques, including the LiveSR and single molecule imaging with the Cairn OptoTIRF, will let you image beyond the diffraction limit.


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