X-Light V3 Spinning Disk Confocal Imager

X-Light V3 is the next generation of X-Light spinning disk confocal series.

  • Advanced optical design to handle difficult fluorescence microscopy applications.
  • A new optical layout enhances sensitivity and image clarity.
  • Integrated dual-camera imaging at a full 25mm field of view.

See Brighter, See Faster, See More.

The X-Light V3 is a cutting-edge confocal imaging system designed for the most challenging microscopy applications. It is ideal for low light or high-speed imaging can handle the largest scientific cameras and has a software-controlled bypass mode for widefield or other imaging methods.

The X-Light V3 comes with motorized excitation, dichroic, and emission filter wheels and dual simultaneous camera mounts with an automated mirror slider. The spinning disk box has a motorized bypass mode and is exchangeable to use different pinhole patterns. A customizable microlens array and software integrated excitation and emission irises combine to achieve the flattest illumination possible, even with a large field of view. The X-Light V3 is compatible with high powered multimode laser light sources, such as the LDI.

Spectral range (confocal/widefield)


Fully Automated
Bypass mode (widefield to confocal), filter wheels, dual camera selection, illumination and emission irises

Disk Speed
15,000 rpm rotation speed

The fastest spinning disk in the market

Disk Type


Multiple pinhole sizes and spacing available, including continuous spiral. Customized pinhole size and geometry on request
Disk box
Field exchangeable. Fully sealed for dust protection. Synchronization signals available.
Lateral Resolution (FWHM)
Diffraction limited, wavelength, and NA dependant.

Axial Resolution (FWHM)
Diffraction limited, wavelength and NA dependant.

Ultra-large field of view
Maximum 25 mm

Dual-camera view
Simultaneous dual-camera view up to 25 mm each camera

Illumination uniformity
Microlens based light path for high uniformity across the full field of view

Illumination FOV Field replaceable microlens arrays available to match different camera sizes and enhance efficiency
Illumination shaping Motorized aperture to limit illumination into a region of interest.

Multiple Pinhole Patterns

Multiple disks are available, including 50um, 60um, and 40um pinhole sizes. Standard pinhole spacing is an excellent compromise between brightness, confocality and image quality. A version with larger spacing has been designed to enhance image quality and sectioning in thicker specimens thanks to the large reduction of crosstalk between pinholes.


Microlenses make the illumination field highly homogeneous on large fields of view. A unique plug-and-play design allows you to choose and change the illumination size to match the most common camera formats. If needed, the illumination can be shrunk to a smaller area for higher power density, higher efficiency, and faster speed.
Dual color, dual imaging, still wider


The X-Light V3 is the first confocal unit to allow dual-camera imaging at the maximum field of view of 25mm on both cameras. Precision controls allow easy alignment between both cameras.
Sealed Disk Box
This unique new feature makes the disk fully isolated and protected from environmental dust and prevents undesired artifacts related to the presence of small dust particles on the disk surface.
Disk Synchronization
To manage very high-speed imaging, the V3 provides as a standard feature a synchronization signal from the spinning disk to the camera. This allows for a solid quantitative analysis of very fast dynamics.
Illumination Shaping
A software-controlled square iris in front of the spinning disk, with variable aperture, can be used to screen light and preserve the surrounding area of the sample out of a region of interest.

The X-Light V3 can be used on all modern microscope bodies.

  • Life science imaging, cellular biology, neuroscience, and biophysics.
  • 3D optical sectioning
  • High-speed imaging
  • Low light imaging
  • Simultaneous multi-channel imaging
  • Super-resolution imaging with optional LiveSR add-on

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