Photoactivation and Photoconversion


Photoactivation allows scientists to mark proteins of interest in living cells. Unlike similar techniques like FRAP, the movement of proteins can then be tracked with ease.


Photoconvertable proteins and dyes are capable of changing fluorescent color with the application of targeted light. This is useful to increase visibility of protein trafficking or FRET interactions.

Photostimulation / Uncaging

Directly stimulate areas of interest by delivering the precise dosage of light needed to release your caged antagonist. Record the live chemical interactions where you control all the action.

Photoactivation Products

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High resolution


The Firefly from Rapp Optoelectronics provides differaction-limited, galvo-steered, laser targeting, giving you unsurpassed precision in photoactivation experiments.
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High speed scanning

The Rapp Geo uses steered shapes rather than points. Combined with high speed galvos, this allows for targeting of large areas at speeds you only ever dreamed of.
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Multicolored lasers

Combining photoactivation systems from Rapp with the LDI allows access to multiple wavelengths of laser in a simple, low cost system.


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