OptoMask LS

Large aperture adjustable field mask improves time resolution with frame transfer cameras

  • C-mount to C-mount device with precise aperture control
  • Enables any arbitrary region to be selected

The cropped sensor mode available on EMCCD cameras allows for rapid frame rates when studying fast biological processes.  In order to enable the rapid “crop” and “kinetic” modes of these cameras, it is necessary to accurately mask at the edge of the region of interest. The OptoMask LS enables an arbitrary rectangular region to be masked anywhere within the image plane.

Standard Spectra Range 450 – 900 nm
Dimensions 201 mm x 60 mm
Camera Size Supported Up to 22 mm diagonal
Region of Interest Allowed Any arbitrary rectangular location in the field of view


Precise Aperture Control Enables fast kinetic mode with frame-transfer cameras including Andor 897 and 888 models
Supports Large Sensors up to 22 mm Diagonal Enables regions of interest anywhere in a large field of view
High-Quality Triplet Lenses Maximum throughput with minimal aberrations


  • Fast calcium and voltage-sensitive dye measurements
  • Kinetic studies using widefield fluorescence
  • Super Resolution PALM / STORM / SIM
  • TIRF
  • Single point detection using a photomultiplier or photodiode

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