LED-based flash lamp for short-duration, high-intensity light pulses

  • User-defined flash intensity and duration
  • Excellently-suited for optogenetics, uncaging, and flash photolysis applications

Like other products in the OptoLED family, the OptoFlash is LED-based with coupling options for most microscopes. The option to launch the OptoFlash into a fiber optic with the diameter ranging from 100um to 1mm is also available. The OptoFlash is unique in that it has been optimized for short-term intense illumination. This makes it particularly suitable for the photoactivation of “caged” neurotransmitters or other compounds, and for the application of channel rhodopsin activation.

Flash Duration 50 μsec to 100 msec with <100 nanosecond rise and fall times
Trigger Source TTL
Dimensions Power supply – 280 mm x 304 mm x 65 mm

LED head – 46 mm x 46 mm x 73 mm

LEDs Available 365nm, 385nm, 405nm, 440nm, 455nm, 470nm, 490nm, 505nm, 525nm, 550nm, 565nm, 590nm, 617nm, 627nm
Output Power >30mW/mm2 from the end of a 200 μm fiber
Optional Fiber Coupling System Enables direct coupling to fibers up to 1 mm in diameter


User-Definable Flash Duration from 50 μsec to 100 msec Experimental adjustability
Integrated Overcurrent Protection Flexibility; allows for at least 2x over-driving for short pulses
User-Definable Intensity Adjustments Enables precise photon dosage control
Optical Feedback Ensures repeatable photon dosage across experiments

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