Ultra-stable, high-intensity, modular illuminator

  • High intensity
  • Near perfect stability
  • Instantaneous vibration-free switching
  • Well-suited for epi-fluorescence, transmitted light microscopy, macroscopy, and optogenetics

With traditional light sources, the long-term drift in light intensity may negatively impact quantitative imaging experiments. The OptoLED by Cairn Research solves this problem with ultra-high stability, digital vibration-free switching, and rapid intensity modulation. The ability to “gate” the light source directly from the camera and thus only expose the specimen while the camera is integrating reduces photobleaching and also prevents bleedthrough during frame readout.

The OptoLED controller is capable of driving two LEDs independently, over a wide range of currents. For pulsed illumination, switching times of less than 100 nanoseconds are achievable. Digital inputs are provided to switch each LED on and off independently, and sockets are provided to allow additional synchronization with the camera to reduce phototoxicity or motion artifacts. Optical feedback is included to prevent changes in light output that would otherwise result from variation in LED temperature.

Dimensions Power supply – 280 mm x 304 mm x 65 mm

Remote slider – 87 mm x 144 mm x 35 mm

LED head – 46 mm x 46 mm x 73 mm

LEDs Available 340nm, 355nm, 365nm, 385nm, 405nm, 440nm, 455nm, 470nm, 490nm, 505nm, 525nm, 550nm, 565nm, 590nm, 617nm, 627nm and white with multi-element LED heads for transmitted light – check with us for additional options
Maximum Output Current 1 Amp, 2 Amp or 5 Amp, selectable by internal jumper links
Optical Switching Times <100 nsec
Feedback Response Time <50 μsec
Analog Voltage Range 0 to +10 Volts


Optical Feedback Ensures excellent intensity and wavelength stability
Digital Control Instantaneous vibration-free switching
Long Life Minimizes downtime and long-term costs
Variable Intensity Precise experimental control
Fully Modular System Accommodates the expanding range of LED wavelengths
Convenient Front Panel Control Easily accessible complete control of on/off and intensity
Optional Remote Slider Complete system control in small, convenient hand controller
  • Multi-wavelength fluorescence microscopy
  • Visible/IR transmitted light microscopy
  • Optogenetics using fibers or epi-illumination
  • Macro fluorescence imaging/optical mapping
  • Flash photolysis
  • High-speed Fura2 calcium imaging

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