L-SPI Single Plane Illuminator

Macro light-sheet illuminator for 3D imaging of large samples

  • Live-cell imaging with ultra-low phototoxicity
  • Spatial and temporal fractionation of illumination
  • Create up to 4 orthogonal light-sheets to reduce shadowing
  • Long travel piezo stage for precise z-steps

The L-SPI is designed to work with any macro- or microscope, single-mode fiber laser source, and scientific camera. This simple and effective instrument recombines two uniform, wide light sheets at right angles, reducing shadowing without the need for sample rotation or image fusion. The system includes optional sample chambers, fast long-travel piezo stage, and an optional second L-SPI head to bring sheets in from four directions. The L-SPI can be adapted to a wide range of experimental purposes. Its compact size and large freedom of access (e.g. for positioning micro-electrodes) make it a highly flexible solution.

Number of laser lines 2 or 4 orthogonal sheets possible
Sheet Thickness 22 um with ~ 20 mm^2 imaging area 11 um with ~ 10 mm^2 imaging area
Field of View 16 mm x 16 mm with 22 um thick sheet
Z Step Size 10 nm minimum
Z Travel Range 20 mm
Scan Speed 10 mm/second
Generate 2 or 4 Orthogonal Sheets Minimizes shading and scatter of illumination light in thicker samples
22 um sheet thickness Excellent axial resolution on macro samples
16 mm x 16 mm Field of View
Image larger samples in single field
20 mm z-travel range
Image large samples easily


  • Imaging of large, cleared organs and tissue sections
  • Fluorescence imaging of photosensitive marine organisms, such as coral
  • Fluorescence imaging of whole organisms, such as zebrafish

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