TriLine LaserBank

Modular and affordable laser launch for the biosciences

  • Now supporting high-power, multimode lasers
  • Well-suited for TIRF, spinning disk confocal, FRAP, and optogenetics
  • Supports three solid-state lasers
  • Provides the convenience of a customizable, turn-key system at less than half the cost of similar products

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The TriLine LaserBank offers users the flexibility of single or multi-mode fibers for a wide variety of research applications. The TriLine LaserBank is a cost-effective, turn-key system that can function as a core component in high-end imaging systems or as a standalone unit in biophysics laboratories.

The TriLine LaserBank supports up to three lasers, including high-power multimode lasers that can be combined into up to three different fibers. A variety of laser control options are also supported: from simple direct control to integrated microscope software control.

Number of lasers supportedUp to 3
Lasers supportedCoherent OBIS and Omicron LuxX as well as high-power multimode lasers
Number of output fibersUp to 3, both single-mode and multi-mode fibers supported
Multimode fiber outputCustom designed options to maximize NA in both smaller and larger diameter multimode fibers
Control optionsManual control via controller front panel, TTL/Analog, and direct USB control via third party software
SafetyMultiple hardware and software interlocks are standard
Configuration options
TriLine LaserBank Example
Example configuration for X-Light. All lasers are launched into one multimode fiber.

TriLine LaserBank Example
Example of configuration for single-line TIRF systems. Each laser is launched into a dedicated single mode fiber.

TriLine LaserBank Example
Configuration option for in situ optogenetics. One laser is split equally into multiple single mode fibers.
Supports up to three single- or multimode fiber outputsFlexibility of output for multiple applications
High-power multimode lasers now supportedUp to 1W of power for applications requiring high power, such as localization microscope with the OptoTIRF
Supports up to 3 lasersAllows a single system to provide multiple wavelengths to serve in a wide variety of experimental arrangements
Wavelength range of 375 – 785 nmSupport of most wavelengths used in research microscopy, from UV to NIR
Analog, TTL, and USB control optionsCompatibility with most of the major software packages
Dedicated support for ILAS 2 and X-Light systemsSeamless interfacing with popular hardware options
  • Spinning disk and other multipoint confocal imaging
  • Point-scanning confocal imaging
  • Multi-channel TIRF
  • FRAP
  • Photolysis
  • Photoactivation/Photoconversion
  • Optogenetics