TriLine LaserBank

Modular and affordable laser launch for the biosciences

  • Now supporting high-power, multimode lasers
  • Well-suited for TIRF, spinning disk confocal, FRAP, and optogenetics
  • Supports three solid-state lasers
  • Provides the convenience of a customizable, turn-key system at less than half the cost of similar products

The TriLine LaserBank offers users the flexibility of single or multi-mode fibers for a wide variety of research applications. The TriLine LaserBank is a cost-effective, turn-key system that can function as a core component in high-end imaging systems or as a standalone unit in biophysics laboratories.

The TriLine LaserBank supports up to three lasers, including high-power multimode lasers that can be combined into up to three different fibers. A variety of laser control options are also supported: from simple direct control to integrated microscope software control.

Number of lasers supported Up to 3
Lasers supported Coherent OBIS and Omicron LuxX as well as high-power multimode lasers
Number of output fibers Up to 3, both single-mode and multi-mode fibers supported
Multimode fiber output Custom designed options to maximize NA in both smaller and larger diameter multimode fibers
Control options Manual control via controller front panel, TTL/Analog, and direct USB control via third party software
Safety Multiple hardware and software interlocks are standard
Configuration options
TriLine LaserBank Example
Example configuration for X-Light. All lasers are launched into one multimode fiber.

TriLine LaserBank Example
Example of configuration for single-line TIRF systems. Each laser is launched into a dedicated single mode fiber.

TriLine LaserBank Example
Configuration option for in situ optogenetics. One laser is split equally into multiple single mode fibers.
Supports up to three single- or multimode fiber outputs Flexibility of output for multiple applications
High-power multimode lasers now supported Up to 1W of power for applications requiring high power, such as localization microscope with the OptoTIRF
Supports up to 3 lasers Allows a single system to provide multiple wavelengths to serve in a wide variety of experimental arrangements
Wavelength range of 375 – 785 nm Support of most wavelengths used in research microscopy, from UV to NIR
Analog, TTL, and USB control options Compatibility with most of the major software packages
Dedicated support for ILAS 2 and X-Light systems Seamless interfacing with popular hardware options

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