An open source microscopy hardware platform that aims to enable modular, upgradeable and easily maintained microscope systems to be assembled rapidly using a core modular microscope frame with add-on modules such as excitation couplers or illuminators and camera systems that can be implemented using widely available commercial components and systems.

Modular, extensible, easily-maintained, open-source microscope platform

  • Comprehensive turn-key bespoke microscopes, built to order on an open-source platform
  • Rapid development environment for exploitation of new techniques and technologies
  • Compact and affordable base for specialized and routine experimental needs
  • Scalable for high content acquisition, diagnostics or teaching – Stacked, modular design provides inherent stability and facilitates easy access to primary optical path
  • Sustainable open-source microscope
  • Compact and stable
  • Extensible and modular
  • Compact and stable
  • Can be reconfigured rapidly and easily for different applications
  • Supplied with infinity-corrected tube lens and objectives from multiple sources, including Olympus and Nikon
  • Simultaneous imaging with multiple cameras and large format sensors (>25mm diagonal)
  • Extensible, only buy (or build) what you need, as you need it
  • Sustainable, can be supported and maintained by any competent microscopist or technician
  • Direct interface with parts from other manufacturers (e.g. Thorlabs) for rapid development of new techniques
  • Brand agnostic, works with existing illuminators, cameras, stages, objectives, filters, and lenses from any manufacturer
  • Unrivalled access to optical train, laser pointer test kit available for alignment and validation
  • Easy to clean or autoclave
  • Transportable – suitable for tradeshows, teaching courses and secondments
  •  No eye pieces – COVID-19 / multi-user friendly

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    Easy-to-align image splitter that enables a single camera to record images simultaneously at three different emission wavelengths

    • User-friendly design requires minimal maintenance and makes alignment simple
    • Excellent for use in FRET, TIRF, and spinning disk confocal applications
    • Compatible with all major brands of camera, including large sCMOS chips
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    LDI Family of Products

    The LDI is a multiline, solid-state laser illuminator offering up to 1000mW of output power via a multimode fiber at the price of a low power LED light engine. With feedback-controlled output stability and up to a 100:1 linear dynamic range, the LDI is the ideal light source for a wide range of applications including spinning disk confocal microscopy, structured illumination microscopy, FRAP, photoactivation / photoconversion, and PALM/STORM.

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