Compact, affordable  LED illuminator

  • Designed for transmitted light and routine fluorescence applications
  • Wide range of control options to operate manually or with any software
  • Easily integrates with a wide range of microscopes

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The MonoLED is a simple and reliable light source that “just works.” This compact and affordable single-channel illuminator is perfect for straightforward transmitted light and fluorescence illumination applications.  To integrate readily with nearly any microscope, the MonoLED supports a full range of couplings and control options and is supplied complete with a condenser and microscope mount.

DimensionsPower supply – 205 mm x 180 mm x 65 mm

LED head – 46 mm x 46 mm x 73 mm

Control OptionsTTL, analog, and USB / serial legacy support / external triggering option
LEDs Available365nm, 385nm, 405nm, 440nm, 455nm, 470nm, 490nm, 505nm, 525nm, 550nm, 565nm, 590nm, 617nm, 627nm, cool white and warm white
Support for Manual and Software ControlFlexibility; can be controlled “out of the box” by nearly all imaging software platforms
Integrated Long-Pass Filter (Transmitted Light vVrsions)Eliminates background signal when used in conjunction with fluorescence imaging
Powerful 3A White Light Emitter without UV (Epifluorescence Versions)Excellent performance in routine fluorescence imaging and tissue culture inspection
Integrated Microscope CouplingSimple, turn-key integration for basic research and clinical imaging applications
  • Brightfield, phase contrast and DIC imaging
  • Single wavelength fluorescence imaging
  • Tissue culture inspection
  • Basic clinical imaging

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