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LDI-Prime Laser Diode Illuminator

The LDI-PRIME laser diode illuminator was designed specifically for those researchers whose work demands the 488nm laser.  As this is a premium laser line, we combined it with a collection of 3 other lasers to cover the visible spectrum as simply as possible to give you the power and the performance you need at a price that you can afford.  To keep it simple we also combined all the lasers into a single 400um fiber optic output.

The LDI-PRIME is a multiline, solid-state laser illuminator offering 4 laser lines across the visible with lots of power and a single fiber output. The unit offers feedback controlled output stability and up to a 100:1 linear dynamic range.  LDI-PRIME is the ideal lightsource for any one doing low light level GFP imaging.

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High output power Shorter exposures
Faster imaging
Faster activation times in optogenetics and photoactivation experiments
Faster bleaching times in FRAP experiments
Feedback controlled optical stability Quantitative imaging, ideally suited for ratiometric imaging
More repeatable optogenetics experiments
Up to 100:1 linear dynamic range Ability to turn power down when needed and maintain stability and quantitative imaging
4 laser lines across the spectrum Covers most of the standard fluorescence probes
No user alignment Easy to use and maintain
TTL and Analog control No need for software specific drivers

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