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LDI-5 Laser Diode Illuminator

The LDI-5 is the big sister of the LDI-4 laser diode illuminator.  Once again we listened to our users who asked for a paired down version of the LDI-NIR.  The LDI-5 has increased power over her little sister and expands into the near infra-red with the addition of a 730nm line.  This unit is also available with a 488nm laser for FITC/GFP and with a 577nm laser for TRITC/mCherry…or both!

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The LDI-5 is a multiline, solid-state laser illuminator offering 5 laser lines from the VIS-NIR with powers up to 1W. The unit offers feedback controlled output stability and up to a 100:1 linear dynamic range.  LDI-5 has the power where you need and the available variations let you get exactly what you want.

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High output power Shorter exposures
Faster imaging
Faster activation times in optogenetics and photoactivation experiments
Faster bleaching times in FRAP experiments
Feedback controlled optical stability Quantitative imaging, ideally suited for ratiometric imaging
More repeatable optogenetics experiments
Up to 100:1 linear dynamic range Ability to turn power down when needed and maintain stability and quantitative imaging
5 laser lines across the spectrum Covers most of the standard fluorescence probes
No user alignment Easy to use and maintain
TTL and Analog control No need for software specific drivers
  • Spinning Disk Confocal Illumination
  • Photoactivation/Photoconversion/FRAP
  • Optogenetics
  • Whole Animal Imaging

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