Modular, fixed spot localized illumination module for simple photomanipulation applications

  • Localized illumination module for applications which do not require dynamic illumination
  • Spot located in the center of the field of view of the microscope
  • Available for most research microscope models
  • Easily integrated into imaging and electrophysiology rigs
  • Simple installation and alignment
  • Various light sources
  • Wide variety of applications

The Aiwon is an optomechanical module which facilitates the coupling of a light source to the microscope to generate a fixed spot of light in the center of the field of view. The size of the spot depends on the type of light source and light source coupling, the microscope model and the characteristics of the objective.

The AiWon is available for many research microscope models and can be integrated into a variety of imaging (confocal, spinning disk, wide field, etc.) and electrophysiology rigs.

Compatible with fiber and liquid light guide connected light source or lasers connected via optics

Light Source Type Lasers and laser launches (compatible with the LDI), flash lamps (eg. Rapp JML-C2), LED light sources (eg. Cairn LEDs, CoolLED PE series), Lumencor Light EnginesĀ®
Light Source Coupling Optical fiber, liquid light guide or via optics
Spot Size From submicron to dozens of microns, depending on the light source, coupling, microscope and objective
Number of Light Source Couplings Up to 4


  • Add-on optical module available for most of the current models of research microscopes
  • Compatible with a variety of coherent and non-coherent light sources, including continuous and pulsed lasers, laser banks, flash lamps, light engines and LEDs
  • Easy installation and alignment
  • Simultaneous and independent spot illumination and imaging
  • Can be combined with Geo and Caliburn modules for large spot variable shape illumination or ablation applications, respectively
  • Uncaging/Photolysis
  • Optogenetics
  • Photoconversion/Photoswitching
  • FRAP/Photobleaching
  • Selective, localized illumination of photosensitive materials
  • Localized heating and temperature-jump

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