89 North Launches New Website to Expand Offerings and Highlight Capabilities

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89 North, a subsidiary of Chroma Technology Corporation, is well positioned to capture growth in the rapidly expanding field of optical engineering & OEM engineering solutions.

89 North today launched a new stand-alone website which highlights their engineering and OEM offerings. The site, which can be seen at www.89north.com, is now separate and distinct from parent company Chroma’s website, and showcases 89 North’s continued expansion into OEM opto-electro-mechanical systems and manufacturing services. It includes many enhanced features that highlight the benefits of 89 North’s own products and those of its European partners. These features include:

● enhanced site search and product search filtering
● an expanded presentation of the firm’s LDI laser diode illumination line up for fluorescence microscopy
● an authoritative discussion of the firm’s products within various scientific applications and techniques

The site also features an expanded discussion of the company’s focus on OEM services in the design and manufacture of optical engineering systems.

“We’ve always had core strengths in optical system design and manufacturing, as evidenced by our award-winning illumination systems for the fluorescence microscopy market. However, with the launch of this new website, we’re now celebrating an expanded line up of services for OEM design and manufacturing beyond the core laboratory sciences market. This allows us to continue our growth in the bioanalytical device, photonics and imaging, and industrial inspection sectors,” said General Manager Julie Martin.

The website goes on to celebrate 89 North’s personnel, who collectively possess some of the industry’s most impressive opto-electro-mechanical engineering skills. These are derived from the firm’s unique historical partnerships with:

● the world’s most advanced laboratory science labs
Chroma, the world leader in precise optical filters using thin-film coating technology
● Europe’s most advanced manufacturers of microscopy components

89 North is continuing to expand its horizons by deploying its skills in new industries as new technologies rapidly transform the ability of organizations to observe, measure, and refine their efforts through optical engineering.

“This new website positions 89 North to capitalize on the advancement of today’s fastest growing business sectors, including point-of-care medical testing equipment and industrial robotics — all of which involve the deployment and analysis of light to conduct their work,” said Chroma CTO/COO Janette Bombardier.

Clients and prospects of the firm are encouraged to visit and experience the new site at www.89north.com.

About 89 North:

89 North is an award-winning opto-electro-mechanical design and manufacturing firm located in the Burlington, Vermont area. Originally focused on products for the laboratory sciences market, the firm is now assisting an ever-expanding number of firms deploy optical engineering solutions across their industries.

About Chroma Technology:

Chroma Technology is a leading manufacturer and OEM supplier of highly precise optical filters using thin-film coating technology. The firm provides solutions for industries ranging from the life sciences and agriculture to manufacturing, inspection, security, and aerospace. The firm, which was recently awarded the Outstanding Vermont Business Award, was founded in 1991 as a 100% employee-owned company, and has recently completed a $22 million expansion of its facilities in Bellows Falls, Vermont.