X-Light V2 + VCS

Confocal imager with unsurpassed optical performance and support for rapid, 100 nm super resolution imaging

  • Compatible with both EMCCDs and sCMOS cameras
  • Compatible with most inverted and upright microscopes
  • Supports both LED and laser-based excitation sources

The X-Light V2 is a high-performance confocal imaging system ideally suited for both core imaging facilities and individual research labs.  With the optional Video Confocal Super resolution add-on (VCS) as well as integrated bypass mode, the X-Light V2 can seamlessly switch between widefield, confocal, and super resolution imaging on the same microscope.  The X-Light V2 + VCS offers an unsurpassed price to performance ratio.

The X-Light V2 comes standard with a 5-position motorized dichroic wheel, 8-position motorized emission filter wheel, motorized bypass mode and exchangeable disk boxes.  It works with both EMCCDs for the sensitive, low-light applications as well as larger-format sCMOS cameras for higher resolution imaging.  The X-Light V2 + VCS is compatible with both LED and laser-based excitation sources making it the most flexible spinning disk confocal microscopes on the market today.

Disk speed

15,000 RPM standard

Acquisition modes
  • Widefield – disk out and pinhole mask out via motorized bypass mode
  • Confocal – disk in, pinhole mask out
  • Super Resolution – disk out, pinhole mask in
Camera size supported

Double pattern disk – up to 12 mm x 12 mm FOV
Single pattern disk – up to 22 mm diagonal

Disk pinhole size options

Double pattern disk – 40 micron and 70 micron
Single pattern disk – 60 micron

Dichroic wheel

Motorized 5-position standard

Dichroic size

25.5 mm x 36 mm x 1 mm (Ultraflat recommended for VCS imaging)

Emission filter wheel

Automated 8-position wheel standard

Emission filter size

25 mm

Supported input fiber

0.39NA multimode fiber with SMA adapter

VCS pinhole mask sizes

2 patterns per mask:

  1. 15 micron pinholes with 150 micron and 90 micron spacings
  2. 20 micron with 120 micron and 200 micron spacings
Lateral resolution

Down to 115 microns, depending on pixel size, pinhole mask used, algorithm choses and number of images

Supports both EMCCDs and sCMOS camera

Functions well in both high-sensitivity and high-speed applications

Combatible with both LEDs and laser sources

Unsurpassed flexibility and a superior price:performance ratio

15,000 RPM disc speed standard

No need to sync with camera to avoid streaking

Motorized bypass mode

Do not need a dedicated microscope confocal - can be added to any existing microscope

Easy to use disk focus mechanism

Ensures the disk is at the proper image plane

Optional Video Confocal Super resolution

Enables super-resolution imaging

  • Live cell confocal imaging
  • Simultaneous multichannel imaging (with optional emission splitting systems)
  • Super resolution imaging with optional VCS add on
  • 3D optical sectioning



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