X-Light spinning-disk confocal system

Easily-integrated, cost-effective confocal imager

  • Compatible with both EMCCDs and sCMOS cameras
  • Excellent image quality
  • Compatible with all inverted and upright microscopes

The X-Light spinning disk confocal microscope is a cost-effective solution for adding confocal capabilities to nearly any microscope. With a motorized bypass mode, it can be added to a microscope without interfering with other imaging modalities.  The X-Light can be configured to work with both EMCCDs and sCMOS cameras as well as LED and laser-based excitation sources.

The X-Light comes standard with a 3-position motorized dichroic wheel and a manual 4-position emission filter wheel. These features simplify support of multiple experimental protocols.  A standard 15,000 RPM disk wheel eliminates disk artifacts that may be present in other systems.

Disk speed

15,000 RPM standard; 20,ooo rpm optional

Acquisition modes

Widefield – disk out via motorized disk bypass mode
Confocal – disk in

Camera size supported

Double pattern disk – up to 12 mm x 12 mm FOV
Single pattern disk – up to 22 mm diagonal

Disk pinhole size options

Double pattern disk – 40 micron and 70 micron
Single pattern disk – 60 micron

Dichroic wheel

Motorized 3-position standard; motorized 5-position available

Dichroic size

25.5 mm x 36 mm x 1 mm

Emission filter wheel

Manual 4-position wheel standard; automated 8-position wheel optional

Emission filter size

25 mm

Supported input fiber

0.39 NA multimode fiber with SMA adapter

Supports both EMCCDs and sCMOS cameras

Functions well in both high-sensitivity and high-speed applications

Combatible with both LEDs and laser sources

Unsurpassed flexibility and a superior price : performance ratio

15,000 RPM disc speed standard

No need to sync with camera to avoid streaking

Motorized bypass mode

Ability to integrate with any existing microscope without the need for a dedicated microscope confocal

Easy to use disk focus mechanism

Ensures the disk is at the proper image plane

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