OptoScan monochromator

Light separation device for precise selection of wavelengths from a full-spectrum source

  • Controls both center-wavelength and bandwidth with millisecond time resolution
  • May be readily integrated into commercial imaging systems or custom controlled

Currently available monochromators are capable of changing bandwidth between experiments using a manual control. However, for complex protocols (especially those involving multiple fluorescence markers) additional controls may be required. The OptoScan monochromator controlls bandwidth in real-time during experiments, allowing each excitation wavelength be optimised independently. Thus, when Stoke’s shifts are large or when fluorescence intensities are weak, a relatively large bandwidth can be selected to maximize the signal-to-noise ratio. Conversely, if there is a small Stoke’s shift or if the fluorescence intensity is high, the slit width can be minimized to reduce bleed-through and optimize dynamic range.



Optical configuration

Enhanced Czerny-Turner configuration with fast F/2 light collection and off-axis parabolic mirrors to minimize aberrations

Diffraction grating

1200 line ruled grating blazed for broad UV/visible range, 1800 and 2000 line holographic gratings for demanding applications

Wavelength resolution

300-800 nm specified with 0.5 nm resolution at ±1.5nm accuracy

Bandwidth resolution

0-30 nm specified with 0.1nm resolution at ±0.2nm accuracy

Wavelength switching

200 nm transition < 1.5 ms, 50 nm transitions in < 1 ms

Bandpass switching

Typical transition times of < 1.5 ms for both input and exit slits

Digital shuttering (TTL)

Typically < 2 ms depending on bandpass

Sub-millisecond control of center wavelength

Experimental precision

Sub-millisecond bandpass control

Spectral and intensity optimization at each wavelength

Supports Hg/Xe lamps as well as Xe lamps

Ability to exploit spectral peaks

Modular design

Ability to utilize the light source independently as a white light source if required

Light guide couplings to all popular microscopes

Easy integration into current experimental arrangements

External iris diaphragm

Manual intensity control without the need for ND filters

Built in fast electronic shuttering on all versions
  • Fluorescence photometry
  • Fluorescence imaging
  • Optical wavelength scanning
  • Photolysis

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