OptoLED Lite

Affordable, high-intensity, modular illuminator

  • Independently drives two LEDs over a wide range of currents
  • Well-suited for epifluorescence, transmitted light microscopy, macroscopy, and optogenetics


The Cairn OptoLED Lite is the lower cost version of the flagship OptoLED. Like the OptoLED, the OptoLED Lite produces high-intensity output and is capable of driving an LED over a wide range of currents. The OptoLED Lite utilizes digital inputs to switch the LED on and off with rise and fall times of just a few microseconds; for applications requiring faster switching the OptoLED is recommended.



Power supply – 205 mm x 180 mm x 65 mm

Remote slider – 87 mm x 144 mm x 35 mm

LED head – 46 mm x 46 mm x 73 mm

LEDs available

355nm, 365nm, 385nm, 405nm, 440nm, 455nm, 470nm, 490nm, 505nm, 525nm, 550nm, 565nm, 590nm, 617nm, 627nm and white with multi-element LED heads for transmitted light; for the 355 nm LED, post-filter feedback allows stable high Ca2+ Fura-2 imaging

Maximum output current

5 A

Optical switching times

<10 μsec

Analog voltage range

0 to +5V

Digital control

High speed, vibration-free switching

Long life

Minimizes downtime and long term costs

Variable intensity

Precise experimental control

Fully modular system

Accommodates the expanding range of LED wavelengths

Interfaces with single, dual, triple and quad couplings available for Nikon, Olympus, Leica and Zeiss microscopes

Integrates easily into a variety of experimental arrangements

  • Multi-wavelength fluorescence microscopy
  • Visible/IR transmitted light microscopy
  • Optogenetics using fibres or epi-illumination
  • Macro fluorescence imaging/optical mapping
  • Flash photolysis
  • High speed Fura2 calcium imaging

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