Multiport Illuminators

Highly modular coupling system for linking up to four light sources

  • Connects to the epi-fluorescence or transmitted light port of a microscope
  • Supports epiport, transmited port, direct, and infinity port illuminators
  • Well-suited to a broad variety of applications including multi-wavelength LED illumination and LEDs combined with arc lamps

As quantitative microscopy becomes increasingly complex, researchers often need to employ multiple light sources for epi-flourescence. Unfortunately, microscopes are typically designed with only one or two epi-fluorescence input ports. Additionally, many laboratories exist in which a single microscope stand must be equipped to serve a broad variety of functions.  The Multiport Illumination adapters provide a flexible solution to both these situations. These adapters comprise a family of highly modular illumination coupling system for combining up to four light sources to the epi-fluorescence and transmitted light ports of a microscope.

The Multiport Illuminators are based around an interlocking series of cubes which accept the same filter cubes used in the OptoSplit and TwinCam products. When used along with dichroic mirrors, these filter cubes allows sources of different wavelengths to be permanently connected and rapidly switched.  The same components can be used to couple to different microscope epi or transmitted light condensers, or coupled directly in some cases.

There are 4 types of couplers available, depending on the type of microscope, each capable of supporting up to 4 input light sources:

  • Epi port illuminators – These mount to the standard epi-illuminator port of any upright or inverted microscope, replacing the existing lamp house.
  • Transmitted port illuminators – These mount to the standard transmitted light port of any upright or inverted microscope, replacing the existing lamp house.
  • Direct illuminators – These replace the standard epifluorescence illuminator on an inverted microscope, enabling more power at the sample plane.  In addition, the direct couplers are compatible with the field stop adapters that allows one of the LEDs to be partially masked while leaving the other ports to illuminate the full field.
  • Infinity port illuminators – These fit between the trinoc head and body of several upright microscope models, allowing light to be ported directly into infinity space and be combined with the standard epi-illumination pathway.  The infinity port adapters are also compatible with field stop adapters.


The multiport illumination adapters are compatible with the OptoLED, OptoLED lite and OptoFlash LED systems, the OptoScan monochromator as well as any other lightguide-coupled light source.  There is also the option to create a diffraction limited spot from a single mode fiber for a simple, single point FRAP/Optogenetics/Photoactivation system.

Number of LEDs or other light sources supported

Up to four per microscope port

Wavelength range

355 nm – 940 nm

Compatible microscope ports

Epi-fluorescence port, transmitted light port, direct coupling via replacing epi-illuminator and direct insertion into the infinity space of an upright microscope

Compatible light sources

OptoLED Lite
Any liquid lightguide coupled light source
Any single mode fiber coupled laser

Up to 4 light sources per port

Allows for flexible experimental configurations

Combine multiple types of light sources

Allows for activation/conversion/bleaching simultaneous with imaging

Optional independent field diaphragm or pin hole

Allows for illumination of a small ROI with one wavelength while simultaneously imaging full-field with another

Independent centering and focus on each port

Ensures full field illumination

Optional OptoTilt control

Allows for precise positioning of spot illumination

  • Multi-wavelength LED illumination
  • Combination of LEDs with arc lamps
  • Flash photolysis and fluorescence
  • FRAP
  • Photoactivation/photoconversion
  • Rhodopsin switching and other optogenetics-based applications
  • Full-field and diffraction limited laser coupling

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